Frequently Ask Questions

Why should I choose Dr. Nigam’s Medicare?

Dr. Nigam’s Medicare has been serving humanity by homeopathy since 1962. There have been drastic results in the treatment of patients not only in India but worldwide. For more details, click on


Is homeopathy more effective on children?

Homeopathy is effective for everyone. Be it Children, Women, Men or Older people. Though children eat it without creating trouble as it tastes sweet.

Does Homeopathy work only on chronic diseases?

No, it is for both chronic and acute diseases.


How will I be updated once my order is placed?

Our representative will inform you over a call once your order is placed.

Why should I go for Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is effective for chronic and recurring diseases. Has no side effects, cost effective and it gives long lasting relief.

How will I consult the doctor?

It is very easy. You can call on 0512-2307010 and one of our representatives will redirect you to the doctor. They will take your history over a call and we will send the medicines at your doorstep via one of our courier partners. You can choose to pay through online or Cash on Delivery as per your convenience.

Within how many days will I receive the medicine?

You will receive your medicines within 3-4 working days of placing the order

Does homeopathy treats only the symptoms of disease?

No. Homeopathy treats every diseases right from the base.

Is the effect of Homeopathic medicines slow?

No. This is a myth. It works as fast as any other way of treatment.

Does the disease increase in the initial stages of homeopathic treatment?

This is not true. During the treatment, the patient is asked to leave all other ways of medication. That is why, it might happen that the problem increases. But that is temporary. There is no harm caused.


Is there any side effect of homeopathic medicines?

This is true, there is no side effect of homeopathic medicines. Even then, it is not suggested to take them without the consultation of a certified medical practitioner.


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