Education & Research

Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy

Kent still lives through his vast literature. This book explains the basics of homeopathy in relevance to today's time. Under the philosophy notes the Class Room Notes by Dr Harsh Nigam have been added which gives an idea of the content of Kent's philosophy. The point-wise explanation on Miasms by Dr Harsh is a real boon for students. This collection of lectures truly explain the real concepts of homeopathy. The chapters on susceptibility, law of similar, simple substance, examination of the patients, oversensitive patients are worth reading even a thousand times and understanding them has been made a possibility by Dr Harsh Nigam. It features a commentary by Dr Harsh Nigam at the end of each lecture which gives the real meaning of the content of Kent's philosophy. It explains the basics of homeopathy in relevance to today's time

MIASMA-The Road Less Travelled.

This book gives a comprehensive work on miasma, which has been one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted topic in homeopathy. Dr. Harsh has meticulously analyzed majority of the work done on miasma and has explained how to find the correct miasma of a patient and treat it so as to make a true cure possible. His straight forward way of explaining the aspects given by various teachers like Hahnemann, Kent, Ortega, Roberts and alike makes the task of understanding the concept of miasma possible.

Homeopathic Case Management

This work unleashes many bolts to the understanding of the science and art of homeopathic case management. The author with his vast experience and knowledge of the conventional system and the homeopathic system has given a detailed interpretation of Hahnemann's work with its application and understanding for today's physician. This book covers various topics which are the basics of homeopathic science but are not understood in depth by many of the students and even practitioners. The book also includes chapters on human psychology and personality, understanding which are crucial for homeopathic practice. In addition, physiological aspects and various layers of human form, constitutional types, concept of health, disease and cure, methodology of case taking and guidelines laid by eminent homeopaths, various aspects of posology and much more are included.

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